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Chief Secretary ,Govt. of AP

Sri Anil Chandra Punetha, I.A.S

Chairman SLSC, PMKSY


Commissioner of Horticulture

Sri Chiranjiv Chaudhary, I.F.S



Project Officer ( PO - APMIP )

Sri A.Surya Prakash


Toll Free Number



S.No District Name MI Project Director MI Asst. Project Director
Name Mobile No E-Mail Name Mobile No E-Mail
1 SRIKAKULAM SRI A.V.S.V.JAMADAGNI 7995087035 apmipsklm@ymail.com SRI. G.V.V.PRASADA RAO 7995087036 apmipsklm@ymail.com
2 VIZIANAGARAM SRI. B. PANDURANGA 7995087037 apmippds@yahoo.com SRI. K. MANMADHA RAO 7995087038 apmippds@yahoo.com
3 VISAKHAPATNAM SRI.K.GOPI KUMAR 7995087039 apmip_vsp@yahoo.com SRI. M.A.RAHIM 7995087040 apmip_vsp@yahoo.com
4 EAST GODAVARI SRI DR. S.RAMA MOHAN 7995087041 egapmip@gmail.com SRI T.NAGARAJU 7995087042 egapmip@gmail.com
5 WEST GODAVARI SRI. DR K.SAJA NAIK 7995087043 wgapmip5@gmail.com SMT. K.SWATHI 7995087044 wgapmip5@gmail.com
6 KRISHNA SRI P.V.S.RAVI KUMAR 7995087045 apmipkrishna@yahoo.co.in SMT. G.VIJAYA LAKSHMI 7995087046 apmipkrishna@yahoo.co.in
7 GUNTUR SMT B.PADMAVATHAMMA 7995087047 apmip_gnt@yahoo.co.in SRI Y.CHANDRA BABU 7995087048 apmip.apdgnt@gmail.com
8 PRAKASAM SRI.B.RAVINDRA BABU 7995087049 apmipprakasam@gmail.com SRI P.JENNEMMA 7995087050 apmipprakasam@gmail.com
9 S.P.S NELLORE SRI P.SUBHANI 7995087051 apmipnlr@yahoo.co.in SRI. Y.M.N.V.S. GOPICHAND 7995087052 apmipnlr@yahoo.co.in
10 CHITTOOR SRI.Y.VIDYA SANKAR 7995087053 apmipctr@gmail.com SRI S. MURALIMOHAN REDDY 7995087054 apmipctr@gmail.com
11 Y.S.R KADAPA SRI D.MADHUSUDAN REDDY 7995087055 kdpapmip2019@gmail.com SRI P.RAVICHANDRA BABU 7995087056 kdpapmip2019@gmail.com
12 ANANTHAPURAMU SRI M. VENKATESWARLU 7995087057 apmipatp@yahoo.co.in SRI R. VIJAYA SANKAR REDDY 7995087058 apmipatp@yahoo.co.in
13 KURNOOL M.K.V.SREENIVASULU 7995087059 apmipknl@gmail.com SRI. P.FIROZ KHAN 7995087060 apmipknl@gmail.com

Contact Information

Project Officer, APMIP, 1st Floor, T.T.P.C Building in Old Market Yard, Chuttugunta, Guntur - 522007.



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